Wednesday, December 20, 2006

More exciting news

I may have mentioned earlier, in passing, that we were house-hunting. Well, we bought a house last week! It's a 1961 tri-level, ~1700 sq.ft., 4br, 2ba, positively a baby compared with Mafia's turn-of-the-century home, but I'm not really in a condition to be ripping out walls. ;) We are, however, repainting the master bedroom, which was a sort of butterscotch orange that clashed with everything we own. Now it has three purple walls and one blue and looks totally awesome. I'll miss my little knitting room, but there's plenty of space for all of my craft stuff, and I have plans to organize it a little better once I can afford some shelving. We're moving in next week!

The other piece of exciting news is that I had a big ultrasound on Monday, and after about half an hour of measuring and poking and prodding, the baby finally uncrossed its legs and... it's a BOY! We're delighted, and he looks to be healthy and doing just fine in there. I have visions of knitting all kinds of cute little Aran sweaters, which will probably never happen, but fortunately L.L. Bean is there to provide adorable intarsia things for me.

And now, a question: if I have been sent home because we're having an enormous blizzard, and because I am "non-essential personnel," should I try to do some work at home, or just give it up and knit all afternoon?

Thursday, December 14, 2006


So far it seems like the primary effect of people switching to New Blogger is that I now see Google sidebar ads when I try to read blogs in my Newsgator window. My bad; it's not Blogger's fault, it's Newsgator's. Jerks. I mean, I know it's free, but couldn't they just give me ads on the main page frame instead of in! Bah.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

knitty bloggy Boulder babies

(Apologies to this blog, from whom I stole the title.) Now that we've all gone public, I can mention that I'm not the only one having a kid this spring: Katie and Erica are both expecting as well! We've all experienced the same thing: the first trimester just makes you not want to knit for weeks. Terrible!

We're in good company, though. In addition to, like, the entire craft-blogging community expecting babies, one of my favorite sports stars is also due in June. I suspect she's going to be back in shape a little faster than I am, though.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

By way of explanation

Peaches has modeled for this blog before - she's very photogenic. These recent finished projects don't fit her very well. That's fortunate, though, because these are intended for someone else.

Someone small who will be arriving in our household in the vicinity of May 8.

Yes, it's true: I'm pregnant. :-) This is our first child, and we couldn't be more delighted! So far everything seems to be going very well. The first trimester was generally unpleasant in many ways, but I can't complain too much as I know it could have been much worse and I'm feeling fine now. We don't know yet if it's a boy or girl, but we're hoping to find out in a few weeks!

So now you know why my knitting and blogging have dropped off drastically in the past few months... it was hard enough to get to work before noon and stay awake past dinnertime.

Oh, and the knits? The jacket is the Baby Bolero from One Skein, knit in two skeins of Mission Falls Cotton, with a few revisions as suggested by Emily: sleeves were knit by picking up stitches and knitting down to the cuffs, and shoulder seams were done with a three-needle bind-off. The hat is of my own invention with help from The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns, in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. I have more of the Mission Falls left and I think I have to make a matching hat, and I'm sure there will be more little sweaters and blankets in my knitting future!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Ooh! Yay!

New Knitty!
Let's see, I like Argosy and Tiffany, love Rolling Thunder and Monkey, and am practically ready to cast on for Norberta. Oh, and I do like the binary scarf, but due to massive geekdom would have to write and translate my own message, so it'll have to wait until I think of what I would want it to say.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's that time of year again

It's my birthday!

And for those who remember that last year I was prime, now I'm 25.

In other news, yes, I have been knitting lately, quite a bit actually, but it's time for holiday surprise knitting! So pictures will have to wait. I did knit up a tiny baby hat for the Caps to the Capital campaign; most of it was knit at Emily's lovely party on Saturday. I turned the heel on the gray silk sock, but it's been languishing while I knit other things. But I have to finish it (and its mate) soon, because Maggie gave me her copy of Folk Socks! My main problem, other than buying some solid-colored sock yarn, is deciding which socks to make first. Yay!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturday sky?

More like Saturday "more snow?! Are you kidding?" We had about a foot of snow here the other day, which made getting to work rather interesting. Fortunately I didn't have to dig out the car, or drive on the icy streets full of stupid people who can't drive in the snow (STAY HOME, people). Rather, I put on my thermals and 12-year-old hiking boots and the super-mittens and hauled myself to the bus. Which was, of course, late. I hate how the days when you least want to wait for the bus are the days when it's most likely to be 25 minutes late.

Today, hallelujah, it's Saturday, which means:

1. Having time to sit around in the warm house while my hair dries,
2. Spinning more purple stuff to ply with the full bobbin I finished last week,
3. The Handweavers' Guild sale,
4. And a charity-knitting holiday party at Emily's.

It's a good day! Now, to dig the car out...