Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Still knitting

Busy, busy, busy... I started a new job in January; I'm still with the same organization but in a different department, and while it's really interesting and fun, I'm working hard and it wears me out. And then I come home and play with Julian, who is crawling and pulling up to standing and cruising around the furniture, which is tremendous fun! But of course he thinks knitting is just fascinating and wants to help if he sees me doing it, so it has to wait until after he goes to bed.

All of my knitting time lately, what there is of it, has been devoted to a garter stitch Cotton Fleece striped baby blanket for a friend. I'm more than halfway done and trying to finish asap, because I have so many projects lined up! After the blanket, there's a pair of wristwarmers for my mom (in green Silkroad Aran Tweed, I think), a Tomten jacket (probably in more Cotton Fleece, thanks to Emily's influence) for my nephew who is due in April, and then... Salina, for me, in Treacle Felted Tweed. My parents gave me gift credit at the Yarn Barn and I put it to good use. I can't wait to knit this sweater. Of course, I also can't wait for spring (we got another 4" of snow last night), and with my knitting speed lately I'll be lucky to have the sweater by this time next winter, but hope springs eternal.