Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Yesterday daycare was closed for the holiday, so I took the day off work and stayed home with Julian. (We had a good time at the playground!) And as we all know, vacation days are for knitting. I'm still knitting the pink sock, but, well, I've started three other projects in the last two days. Oops. There's the Salina sweater, which is for me, and which I've been wanting to knit for ages. There's a pair of Fetching fingerless mitts in some blue merino. And there's a somewhat experimental vest for Julian. It's getting cold here and the other day I pulled out the vest that Gretchen made him, and it actually still fits quite well except for being a little short. Much as I think they look terrible on me, vests are really handy for small children because they add warmth without too much bulk, and they're quick and easy to knit. So I'm trying out some funky blue-green thick-and-thin yarn (a gift from my mother-in-law), hoping I'll have enough of it, and improvising a pattern. But in the midst of all this new-project madness, I did at least go back to the interminable Bonny sweater and frog one of the sleeves and rewrite the sleeve pattern top-down, so I can knit it until I run out of yarn. Now I just have to frog the other sleeve, wash the yarn, and gather my courage to start again. Unless I give up on the whole thing and turn it into a couple of baby vests. Bah.


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