Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New socks and renewed socks

I am about to weave in the ends on the Silver Socks! And then I'll have a new sock project...

Many months ago I finished these pink socks. I love the color, I love the yarn, I love everything about them except that they're waaaay too tight across the instep (which is uncomfortable and will make them wear out faster) and I think I want to make them longer. So... they are about to be completely ripped out and re-knit. This time I think I'm going to use the garter rib pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks instead of plain stockinette, because my high arches just need more stretch in a sock pattern, and I've also learned that I should increase by a few stitches when knitting short-row heels. Someday I will have my personalized sock pattern completely refined and perfected, but until then, time to re-knit. I would be more resentful of the process except that the color is so fabulous that I can't wait to have wearable pink socks.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Alpacas, again

It's that time of year again... time for the Alpaca Extravaganza! I drove up to the county fairgrounds in Longmont to check out the scene. As usual, it's not a huge gathering, maybe 20 different stands, but it's always fun to see the cute alpacas and there's some nice roving available. As you can see, I had to buy some. After taking the spinning classes at Shuttles I'm a much more picky shopper; I know that I prefer carded rovings and I like the higher-quality stuff that has all the plant bits and guard hairs picked out. These two are very nice, though, and I'm looking forward to spinning them up.

The caramel (2oz) is from Apple Valley Ranch and the black (4.2oz) is from Three Meadows Ranch. One stand was selling rovings from Alpaca with a Twist, which was really pretty stuff, but I decided to support the locals instead.

In other news, the silver silk socks are past the second heel and into the final stretch... who knows, with enough time on the couch I might even finish them this weekend! I went to the doctor yesterday and everything is fine, though I'm starting to feel large and awkward and uncomfortable. We're getting some things set up in the nursery and I'm thinking seriously about some craft projects, but that'll still depend on my energy, motivation, and mental ability, all of which are in short supply lately. Fortunately, sock knitting doesn't require too much of any of those.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Crafty fun

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! The posts up at Steph and Laurie's blogs may be my favorite V-day readings ever.

I'm still knitting over here; I started the Shetland Triangle shawl in the lovely soft blue yarn, but haven't photographed it yet, and I made a lot of progress on the interminable silver socks at stitch&bitch last night. I also seem to keep getting larger, which means that the baby's arrival date is approaching. I can't say I'm much for baby knitting, somehow; I have too many of my own projects to finish, and I worry about the washability of baby knits. I am, however, thinking about sewing things, especially now that I have my machine set up in my new craft space (which is still messy and un-photographed). The first baby craft was suggested by my friend Chris; I told her about these awesome baby carriers and how I couldn't decide which designer fabric I liked best, and she said, why not make your own? So I'm thinking about that, and maybe I'll get to the fabric store and pick up some batting someday, and then today on Mighty Goods I see a link to these adorable mini poofs. $78 for that? I could totally do that. I might have to buy a LOT of polyfill stuffing, and do some extra reinforcing on the seams, but don't they look fun?

Monday, February 05, 2007

Bloody brilliant

As I am well-known to be an obsessed fangirl, I am very excited about Alison's new book. My Weasley Sweater plans may have to wait a little while, as I probably shouldn't try to learn intarsia while also taking care of a brand-new infant, but I'm sure there will be other good patterns in there.